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Villa Delle Viole

TEL 392.3236534 - 393.6185339

Just three kilometers from Ostuni, the White City, in a stretch of wonderful Puglia, in the center of the main resorts, Immersed in an oasis of pure and uncontaminated nature, made of sun, dry stone walls, centuries-old olive trees that look real sculptures, and give you so much freshness and coolness and where you can accept the simple bird chirping, the scent of aromatic plants, is ours
Villa Delle Viole, inside a fresh pinetina, ready to give guests a holiday full of relaxation, sun, sea and light of Puglia.
Its ideal location allows guests to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside without sacrificing the sea from which it is about 10 kilometers away.
It is ideal for those who want complete and relaxing vacation!
We are waiting for you !!