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Waste Collection

Waste Collection

We inform our guests of this great commitment undertaken by the municipality of Ostuni with the collaboration of all of us:

we differentiate waste by dividing them into:
– Organic
– Plastics and Metals (various packaging, cans, foil)
– Paper and Cardboard (tetrapak included)
– Glass
– Non-differentiated wastes
The equipment must be exposed from the living room in the evening during the following days:

Monday: Not Differentiated
Tuesday: Paper and cardboard
Wednesday: Organic
Thursday: Plastics and Metals
Friday: Organic
Saturday: Glass
Sunday: Organic


If you have other garbage at your departure day, there are some collecting islands that you will find based on the following calendar, till one p.m.

Monday: Via Tenente Specchia

Tuesday: Via Caduti di Nassiriyaì: Via Caduti di Nassiriya

Wednesday: Via Caduti di Nassiriya

Thursday: Via Tenente Specchia

Friday: Via Caduti di Nassiriya

Saturday: Via Tenente Specchia

Sunday: Villanova village (at see) (all day you can find it),

Or in principal garbage center, (open all days), contrada Santa Caterina


Thank you to respect nature with us!!