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Waste Collection

Waste Collection

We inform our guests of this great commitment undertaken by the municipality of Ostuni with the collaboration of all of us.


We differentiate waste by dividing them into:

– Plastics and Metals (various packaging, cans, foil)
– Paper and Cardboard (tetrapak included)
– Glass
– Non-differentiated wastes


The equipment must be exposed from the living room in the evening during the following days:

Monday: Not Differentiated
Tuesday: Paper and cardboard
Wednesday: Organic
Thursday: Plastics and Metals
Friday: Organic
Saturday: Glass
Sunday: Organic


If you have other garbage at your departure day, there are some collecting islands that you will find based on the following calendar, till one p.m.:

Monday: Via Tenente Specchia
Tuesday: Via Caduti di Nassiriya
Wednesday: Via B. Bartolo Longo
Thursday: Via Tenente Specchia
Friday: Via Caduti di Nassiriya
Saturday: Via B. Bartolo Longo


In addition, the main collection center is always available to accept waste till 18 pm (except undifferentiated) at the address: Via Foggia, Zona Industriale, Contrada Santa Caterina.

Thank you for respecting nature along with us!